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Road Safety

Junior Road Safety Officer

Stay street safe and use a safer place to cross the road such as a;

  • Zebra crossing
  • Pelican Crossin
  • Footbridge
  • Subway
  • Traffic island
  • Pedestrian light crossing

Green Cross Code-When walking to school it is important to follow these simple rules before crossing any road

  • Find a safer place to cross, then stop.
  • Stand on the pavement, but not too close to the edge of the kerb.
  • Look and listen in all directions for any traffic and think about what you are doing.
  • Cross when there is no traffic and there is enough time to get to the other side without running. If you are unsure dont cross.
  • Keep looking and listening for traffic as cross the road.
  • Walk straight across the road. Do not run.

Why not try some of these safety tasks?


Use the link below to view the whole booklet and find out more information on how to keep safe!