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Quotes from Eco Committee Applications

Alfie (3B) says, "I'd like to stop waste filling the land and sea."

Samantha (4S) would "ask if we could plant more trees in the meadow because they help us breathe."

Chiara (4R) feels "it is very important to stay healthy."

Olivia (4R) says, "I want to help people to live on Earth. I would ask people to reduce, reuse and recycle."

Annabel (4R) states very clearly, "I love the environment"

Violet (4R) wants "to make the world an eco-friendly place."

Evie (5K) feels it is important to "make sure people don't waste water by leaving the taps running."

Lottie (5W) wants "to help the environment and stop littering."

Jasmine (5K) is keen to become an Eco Councillor saying, "I want to tell people my ideas and listen to their suggestions."

Jen (6R) is particularly keen on biodiversity saying, "I care a lot about insects, sea creatures and animals."

Daisy (6C) wants to be an Eco Councillor  and says, "I want to help to make a difference to the world."

Nazan (6B) is keen on Healthy Living and says, "I want to help make this world cleaner and happier."