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Quotes from Eco Committee Applications

Emily (6R) would like to see “less plastic in school; for example, soap bars, paper bags for new school uniform orders, in our lunchboxes.”

Imogen (6R) thinks “that it is very exciting that Bosmere has decided to become an Eco-school and would really like to help us achieve this goal in every possible way!”

Eleanor (6C) would like to see “more compost bins around our school.”

Noah (5JB) strongly believes “that polluting the world is wrong, because we have one earth and we should respect it.”

Amy (5LB) feels “all the eco topics are equally important. Amy already loves gardening and regular beach cleans.”

Veda (5K) wants to be on the Eco-committee because she “wants to make our environment a better place to live in.”

Theo Conway (5LB) is desperate “to get on with the job because he cares about our planet.”

Lily H (4S) would like “to see more recycling bins in school.”

Jessica (4F) would like “to see more people taking responsibility for litter.”

Mia (4F) would like “more people to walk, scoot or cycle to school.”

Amelia S (4F) wants “everyone to take action because she cares so much about our planet and the animals that live on it!”

Robert (3D) would “like to start a litter picking club.”

Hugo (3D) wants “to help animals and clean up the world.”