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Parents Survey Results

As part of the home/school communication process Bosmere School's Governors regularly undertake a survey of parents' opinions. The last survey took place in July 2019.

Here is a summary of the results:



My child is happy at Bosmere


My child feels safe at Bosmere


My child makes good progress at Bosmere


My child is well looked after at Bosmere


My child is taught well at Bosmere


My child receives appropriate homework for their age  


Bosmere makes sure its pupils are well-behaved


Bosmere deals effectively with bullying


Bosmere is well led and managed 97%
Bosmere responds well to any concerns I raise 92%
I receive valuable information from Bosmere about my child's progress 90%

I would recommend Bosmere to another parent


As part of the action plan resulting from this survey the Chair of Governors wrote the following letter to parents :

Dear Parents,

Many of you will remember that the Governors sent out a survey to parents at the end of the Summer Term in July. Thank you once again to all those parents who responded; we received 210 responses altogether providing us with some valuable feedback and a useful insight into your views of the school. The Governors have now finished evaluating the responses and we would like to share the results with you.

Firstly, I am pleased to be able to share that the overwhelming majority of you are very happy with Bosmere and would recommend the school to others. 

The detailed comments provided by some of you as part of your response also paint a very positive picture and I would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who took the time to write some very supportive words. These have been shared with the staff.

Any comments which included further suggestions for improvement have also been discussed with the Senior Leadership Team. Some of these suggestions stem from parents not being aware of something which is already in place in school.

The Governors are therefore happy to clarify that:

  • The main focus for Headteacher Awards, and therefore Celebration Assembly, is the effort children have put into their work in school and at home, rather than simple academic achievement; they can also achieve them for showing any of our GROW IT or HEARTS values.
  • FaceBook is never used as the only means of communication with parents; we realise that there are parents who do not use social media. ParentMail remains our primary means of communicating messages to parents. Our FaceBook page is used for reminders about events which have already been communicated via email. Many parents have expressed their appreciation at having this reminder on a social media platform that they regularly use. However, we do not post any information about individual pupils or share images of the children.
  • Work on taking care of the environment is continuing through PSHE lessons.
  • The reading of music is an integral part of the music teaching programme across the whole school, not just in Year 4; this has been further enhanced this year with the use of specialist music teachers, from within the school staff, in every year group.

Other comments have led to some actions being identified:

  1. A few of you questioned the selling of sweets at Superstars – the school is going to put out a questionnaire to pupils before the next event (which will be May 2021) to get them on board with planning what should be sold in order to be more healthy.
  2. Some of you commented on the complicated nature of the reading diaries – these have already been updated and are hopefully now a much more user friendly format.
  3. Some of you commented that FaceBook posts quite often appear out of order as part of the feed and can therefore be difficult to follow – the school is going to ensure that posts are clearly dated and that reminders include the date, rather than ‘tomorrow’ or ‘on Friday’.
  4. A suggestion was made that photos on the website are updated more frequently – the school is going to look into ensuring this happens on a regular basis.
  5. Some of you commented on the lack of availability of later Parents’ Consultation Evening slots – the Consultation Evenings this year will be extended from 6pm until 7pm in order to accommodate this; the day time slots will still be operated as many of you have been able to make use of this opportunity.
  6. A few of you commented that your child did not like eating their packed lunch outside in the warmer weather – the school is going to ensure that children have the option of eating their packed lunch inside if they do not wish to eat outside.

There were, of course, other comments pertaining to individual concerns, which really need to be discussed personally with the Headteacher. Please could we offer an invitation to any of you who feel you would like to discuss anything further to contact Mrs Robinson directly through the school office. The school really does have an open door policy and Mrs Robinson would genuinely be very happy to listen to any concerns or further suggestions for improvement and to talk through possible solutions with parents. It is only by working together that we can ensure your children make the most of their time at Bosmere.

Finally, thank you for your ongoing support in making Bosmere the wonderful school it is.

Yours sincerely,

B. Swan
Chair of Governors