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Parents' Survey Results

As part of the home/school communication process, Bosmere School's Governors regularly undertake a survey of parents' opinions. 

Results of Parent Survey

Thank you so much to all those parents who responded to the Parent Survey, which was sent out by the Governors in the Summer Term 2023. We received 227 responses altogether, providing us with some valuable feedback and a useful insight into your views of the school. The Governors will be fully evaluating the responses next term, but for now we would like to share the results with you.

Firstly, we are pleased to be able to share that the overwhelming majority of you are very happy with Bosmere and would recommend the school to others. Here is the breakdown of the percentage of parents who would strongly agree or agree with the following statements:

My child is happy at Bosmere – 98% (Don’t know 0%)
My child feels safe at Bosmere – 99% (Don’t know 0%)
Bosmere makes sure its pupils are well-behaved – 99% (Don’t know 0%)
Bosmere deals with bullying quickly and effectively – 79% (Don’t know 17%)
Bosmere makes me aware of what my child will learn during the year – 98% (Don’t know 1%)
When I have raised concerns with Bosmere, they have been dealt with properly – 90% (Don’t know 8%)
Bosmere gives my child the support they need to succeed – 96% (Don’t know 2%)
Bosmere has high expectations for my child – 96% (Don’t know 2%)
My child does well at Bosmere – 98% (Don’t know 1%)
Bosmere lets me know how my child is doing – 96% (Don’t know 0%)
There is a good range of subjects available to my child at Bosmere – 97% (Don’t know 1%)
Bosmere supports my child’s wider personal development – 92% (Don’t know 3%)
I am aware of Bosmere’s GROW IT and HEARTS values and how these are used to support personal development – 97% (Don’t know 1%)
I am aware of the role of Governors at Bosmere, or would know how to find out further information – 89% (Don’t know 6%)
I would know how to contact the Governing Body at Bosmere – 79% (Don’t know 9%)
I would recommend Bosmere to another parent – 98% (Don’t know 0%)

The detailed comments provided by some of you as part of your response also paint a very positive picture and we would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who took the time to write some very supportive words. These have been shared with the staff.

Any comments which included further suggestions for improvement will now be discussed with the Governors and the Senior Leadership Team.

There were, of course, other comments pertaining to individual concerns, which really need to be discussed personally with the Headteacher. Please could we offer an invitation to any of you who feel you would like to discuss anything further to contact Mrs Robinson directly through the school office. The school really does have an open door policy and Mrs Robinson would genuinely be very happy to listen to any concerns or further suggestions for improvement and to talk through possible solutions with parents. It is only by working together that we can ensure your children make the most of their time at Bosmere.

Finally, thank you for your ongoing support in making Bosmere the wonderful school it is.

Brian Swan
Chair of Governors