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Governing Body Objectives

Bosmere Junior School

Governing Body Development Plan 2020–2021 - Summary

The School Improvement Plan for the academic year 2020-2021 has the following key objectives:

Key priority 1 - Continue to improve the quality of education, in particular through the implementation of the reviewed curriculum

Key priority 2 – Continue to improve behaviour, attitudes, and personal development through further promotion of the ‘HEARTS’ and ‘GROW IT’ values

Key priority 3 – Continue to improve leadership and management to maintain strong shared values, policies and practice at all levels

To support these and improve the governance of the school, the Governing Body has set itself the following development objectives for academic year 2020-2021:

Objective 1

To ensure that all governors are aware and understand the changes reference the new curriculum and develop an effective working relationship with year leads/groups

Key Priority 1/2/3

Planned Actions : -

a) Monitoring of curriculum planning for autumn/ spring and summer through headteacher report to FGB

b) Governors to review twilight presentations

c) Governors to act as school-based volunteers

d) Governor to attend subject manager meetings

e) Subject progression documents (published on website Dec 2020)

f) Pupil interviews with books (pupil premium by year group) by year group governors

g) Data scrutiny  via Curriculum and Achievement Committee

Objective 2

To keep succession planning to the forefront and develop governors to undertake leadership roles.

Key Priority 2/3

Planned Actions : -

a) All committees to identify Vice chairs and have clarity about the role

b) Vice chairs to observe at meetings, participate in the process of forming agendas, running meetings etc. and deputise for Chairs at SWG where needed.

c) Update governor skills audit by Autumn half term 2020 and reissue training dashboard

d) Headteacher and Training Governor to identify gaps in training and match with potential training opportunities

Objective 3

To review the role of the governor under COVID and ensure governor practices in place and working effectively Post COVID.

Key Priority 2/3

Planned Actions : -

a) Ensure all governors are fully trained to perform their role and are operating strategically

b) Keep abreast of government guidelines

c) Attend on-line training

d) Read and prepare information ahead of meetings

e) Ensure all meetings are held virtually

f) Consider what steps can be taken during COVID to reduce governance workload demands on the school

g) Ensure workload and wellbeing are discussed at meetings

Objective 4

To engage in the monitoring and evaluation and where necessary receive the training required to deliver this with confidence and strategic value.

Key Priority 3

Planned Actions : -

a) Monitoring plan created (SWG 2020) and shared at FGB (November 2020)

b) Governors trained in conducting monitoring visits and keeping an accurate record

c) Explore ‘virtual’ methods of monitoring and evaluating

d) Governor monitoring sheets published and shared for discussion at FGB

e) Governor guided learning walks in summer term (pending COVID restrictions)