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Governing Body Objectives

Bosmere Junior School

Governing Body Development Plan 2019–2020 - Summary

The School Improvement Plan for the academic year 2019-2020 has the following key objectives:

Key priority 1 - Continue to improve the quality of education, in particular through a review and redevelopment of the curriculum

Key priority 2 – Continue to improve behaviour, attitudes and personal development through a focus on pupil well-being and character values

Key priority 3 – Continue to improve leadership and management to maintain strong shared values, policies and practice

To support these and improve the governance of the school, the Governing Body has set itself the following development objectives for academic year 2019-2020:

Objective 1

To ensure the governing body is appropriately organised in order for it to carry out its responsibilities effectively.

Planned Actions : -

a) Identify Vice-Chairs for committees and provide them with training and experience to enable them to perform the role of chair in the future.

b) Update the governor skills audit and training dashboard

c) Identify gaps in training and match with potential training opportunities

d) Identify shadow governors for key roles, e.g Safeguarding, Health & Safety

e) Set up and use Governor Hub for all governors' documentation and records.

Objective 2

To engage in school themonitoring and evaluation processes in order to have ashared understanding of the school's strengths and weaknesses and to make an active

contribution to the strategic planning process.

Planned Actions : -

a) Introduce & promote an online version of the Governor monitoring sheet

b) Create a Governor monitoring plan

b) Governor to attend Pupil Voice training and feed any implications into the Governor monitoring plan

c) Governors to attend SMT session to look at new SIP priorities.

d) Governor guided learning walk to be held in the Summer term.

Objective 3

To keep parents/carers well informed about the school and to consider the views / perceptions ofall stakeholders and use these to inform the improvement planning process.

Planned Actions : -

a) Analyse the Parent Survey results and create an action plan.

b) Governor attendance at GROW IT / HEARTS workshop for parents in September

c) Follow up discussions on GROW IT / HEARTS values on parents evening

d) Parent survey on HEARTS values in June 2020

Objective 4

Continue to promote and take account of staff wellbeing.

Planned Actions : -

a) Data on staff absence shared with Governors through HT report to Governors and through discussionat committee meetings.

b) Support for staff wellbeing shared through discussion at committee meetings, including the participation in the Primary Behaviour Service Mental health and Wellbeing Pilot Project.

c) Staff wellbeing survey conducted and analysed (Spring term)vance of all meetings.