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Eco-school News November 2022

Action Plan

Eco Club worked in small groups of mixed year groups during Eco Club lunchtime meetings. Having completed the Environmental Review (which showed what we are already well and what we need to work on to improve), we prepared our Action Plan, starting on 18th October 2022. We finished it in early November and presented it to the whole school on 21st November, with each of our 20 Eco Councillors reading a section. Click here for more details.

Waitrose Grant

To support our understanding about Biodiversity of the school grounds, Bosmere successfully applied for a £500 grant from Waitrose to pay for a flora and fauna identification board which we will install near our wild meadow. Waitrose supports local environmental projects through its community grants.

On 14th November, Kathy from Waitrose visited Bosmere to present the £500 cheque to Eco Club members. We can now go ahead and commission the identification board to be created.

Waitrose Eco cheque presentation

Reducing Single-Use Plastics in our Lunch Boxes

As part of our focus on the Marine Environment, we want to try to encourage the whole school to use less single-use plastic. In our Eco Club meeting on 22nd November, we were discussing plans to introduce single-plastic-free-lunch box days. Eco Club showed how brilliant they (and whoever makes their packed lunches every day!) are at using reusable plastic containers in their lunch boxes, rather than single-use plastics. Click here for more photos.

Reusable plastic boxes in lunchbox

Mrs Robinson is really supportive of this idea so, from 30th November, every Wednesday at Bosmere will be 'Wild Wednesday', where we ask children to really think about their use of single-use plastic in the packed lunches they bring to school. Each Wednesday, our Eco Warriors are now checking packed lunches while the children are eating and award some special stickers to those children who have achieved a single-use plastic free lunch! Then we collect all the single-use plastic rubbish and weigh it. Hopefully, over a period of time, we will see more stickers being awarded and less single-use plastic waste.

Lunch Box Single-Use PlasticsLunch Box Single-Use Plastics

Saving Water

Eco Club started to consider how to save water in Bosmere by thinking about turning off taps, saving water needed to flush toilets by using less toilet paper (and saving the cost of toilet paper too), and appointing Water Monitors to check. These Water Monitors will check the water meters every few months with our Site Manager, Mr Moore. On 22nd November, Eco Club visited the water meter with Mr Moore. We want to record water usage regularly to see if our echo activities are working. 












Tree Sculpture in Havant Park

On 29th November 2022, the members of Eco Club visited Havant Park to meet the chain saw sculptor, Chris who is carving a tree into a jubilee bench. We were joined by the pupils who had created the winning designs which will be incorporated into the sculpture. For more photos click here.

Tree Chain Saw Sculptor in action