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Eco-school News May 2023


Eco Club created bug hotels using recycled tin cans and dried materials found in the copse. We chose a variety of natural materials to offer a range of secure spaces for insects and minibeasts to inhabit. We had a look at the big Bug Hotel already installed in the copse and also spotted some beetles living in a dead log. Each Eco Club member took a bug hotel home for their garden or to give to someone in the family who has suitable outside space. Click here for more photos.

To mark World Bee Day on 20th May, we watched a video clip highlighting the importance of bees in pollinating more than 75% of the world's food crops and how humans are impacting on their survival. 



Identifying Eco areas around the school on a map

Pupils were given the activity of identifying areas we are going to show Fairfield children on their visit next week. Six groups went all round the school, with maps and coloured pens, to identify areas where Water can be saved (in blue pen), Electricity can be saved (in yellow), and the location of the Recycling Station (in pink) and Green Bins for collecting paper and card to be recycled (in green). The information collected was shared and discussed. Click here for more photos.

Havant Big Green Week Art Competition

We are supporting Havant Big Green Week (10th - 18th June) by informing parents about all the events on offer ( We are also promoting the Schools Art Competition to all our pupils. (Information about the exhibition is downloadable below.) Our 12 class collages, created during Book Week, based on 'The Lost Words' by Robert Macfarlane will be displayed in The Meridian Centre during Havant Big Green Week.

Transport - Bosmere Walk to School Week 15th - 19th May 

This was launched in assembly on Friday 12th May and a letter was sent home. Every class kept a record of who walked to and from school every day on a big class poster. Every child who walked every day was given a certificate. This was extended to include all means of sustainable transport - walking, scooting, riding a bike or using 'park and stride'. 

Eco Club counted up how many children in every class used sustainable travel to get to or from school, five times or more over the course of the week: (year group winners highlighted) : 3A (18), 3B (17), 3D (24), 4DW (23), 4R (28), 4S (25), 5B (19), 5K (18), 5S (23), 6B (20), 6C (18), 6R (24)

In total 257 pupils (71.4%) all managed to use sustainable means to travel to school at least half the time during the week. Encouragement was given to keep these figures up throughout the summer term. The Travel Survey will be re-issued and the results compared.


Fairfield Eco Club Visited Bosmere Eco Club on Tuesday 16th May

Fairfield Eco Club (10 children and 3 adults) visited Bosmere Eco Club and we ate our packed lunches together under the tree then paired up in small groups of Fairfield children with Bosmere children to take them on a guided tour, starting with the copse, then the vegetable garden and compost heaps, the jubilee orchard, the willow dome, and finally the wild meadow. Bosmere pupils had a check list of places relevant to Eco Club to show to the Fairfield children (see below). Click here to see more photos of the visit.


Recycling - Summer Pre-Loved Uniform Event

Eco Club volunteers helped to set up the Pre-Loved Uniform Event on 16th May. 48 items of clothing were taken by parents, and over £25 donated to the PTA. So we were reusing the clothing, saving 48 items from going into landfill, supporting families during the current cost of living crisis AND raising funds for the PTA. Click here for more photos.


Biodiversity - Eco Club's new vegetable garden

Alfie’s nan has donated lots of seedlings including marigolds and tomatoes which Eco Club have planted in a raised bed in the vegetable garden. 



Portsmouth Water Company have donated copies of a booklet with information and activities.

Eco Club have been set a challenge to record water usage at home and to share the results with everyone after half term.

The information sheet and activity for this challenge are downloadable below.



Delilah shared her book ‘See inside recycling and rubbish’.