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Eco-school News June 2023


Eco Club watched an RSPB video about creating simple water baths for wildlife, before going out into the copse to collect small branches to add to 2 shallow trays, which we then filled with water and positioned on the grass, next to the copse - one near the picnic tables (Yr 6 end of this school) and the other nearer the Lower School end of the building. Eco Club are keen to keep these topped up and clean to support birds and other wildlife throughout the heat of the summer. 


Eco Club visited the Eco Garden to water the tomato plants and marigolds we planted just before half term. The tomato plants now have flowers and everything is looking very healthy and growing well. Click here for more photos of the Eco Club Vegetable Garden.

On 13th June, we watched a magpie drinking out of one of bird baths; it's great to see we are supporting the local wildlife, especially during this hot weather. The bird baths are teeming with mini beasts - probably mosquito larvae - so we have already established little micro habitats.

Transport : Clean Air Day 15th June

On 13th June, Eco Club watched a powerpoint presentation prepared by Hants County Council, thinking about how we can reduce car emissions to tackle air pollution. HCC are running a competition for school children to write a Clean Air Day Pledge and answer questions about how to tackle air pollution. The powerpoint was shared across the whole school on Thurs 15th June and each of the 12 classes worked on a Clean Air Pledge to enter into the competition.

Havant Big Green Week Art Competition

Samantha (4S) wa a winner with her 'There is no Plan B' 3D creation (shown here), along with two other groups of pupils (who are not in Eco Club). Prizes of small gardening sets were presented to the winners in whole school assembly on 19th June.

Eco Club also won a prize - a bug hotel. We assembled it and positioned it next to our Eco vegetable garden, with thanks to Mr Moore for his assistance. We hope this will provide a safe haven for some of our garden pollinators as well as spiders and other bugs.



Eco Club discussed the Water Aware 'Are you Water Wise?' sheets taken from the Portsmouth Water booklets donated by Everlynn's parents.

We related the quantities of water used to fill a bath, take a shower, clean your teeth, etc. to the quantities of water contained in a plastic milk bottle.

(4 children had completed the Water Aware sheets at home.)


Library Super Eco Hero Competition

Two of the winning entries were shared with Eco Club - one focussing on a super eco hero who tackled air pollution, the other who planted and cared for plants. Click here for more photos of competition entries.


Assembly-planning for 10th July

The children were split into 5 groups and did a competitive brainstorming to record everything we have done in Eco Club this year. Click here for photos of the lists.

  • Plant-based food tasting
  • Sustainable travel survey and assembly
  • Toilet water (and toilet paper) saving posters
  • Bird baths
  • Beach clean and art with Chichester Harbour Conservancy - Marine food chain mobiles
  • Bulb planting in the Jubilee Orchard
  • Bug hotel (Havant Big Green Week prize for the Book Week class collages)
  • Clean Air Day pledge
  • Fairfield Eco Club came to visit
  • Visit to tree carving in Havant Park
  • Havant Big Green Week art entries
  • Tin can bug hotels
  • Bird feeders made from shells
  • Sunflower seed planting in recycled newspaper pots
  • Students from Chichester University visit and copse work
  • Vegetable/ flower bed planting and watering
  • Easter hunt in copse
  • Meadow identification board
  • School map to identify where water/ electricity savings could be made
  • Energy monitors
  • Tree planting
  • Water Wise water-saving activity sheet
  • Lunchbox single-use plastic collecting
  • And more …  (the full list is downloadable below)

Class Trees

Many trees on the school field had to be cut down due to Ash die back. However, 105 new trees have now been planted on the school grounds. As a long-term project (over the next few years), we will have 1 tree matched to each classroom and its growth monitored. 75 trees are on the bank between the school grounds and Park Road South, 12 trees are by the AstroTurf, and others are by the meadow and the perimeter fences. Each classroom will have activities to complete based on their tree.

Eco Club went out to select and attach labels to 12 class trees. There are 3 different species of tree : Flowering Cherry, Norway Maple and Field Maple. Each has been chosen because it has certain features which support wildlife and should grow well in our school grounds. Click here for more photos.

Stationery Amnesty

To save on purchasing unnecessary stationery, Eco Club have encouraged all the teachers and LSAs to collect in the pens, rulers, rubbers, etc. in the pencil cases in each class to establish spare stock to give to children who lose things. These collections of spare stock will stay in classrooms (rather than being returned to the main stationery cupboard) so they are easily accessible.

Video about the importance of Eco Club

Cassie and Lottie M have created a short video about why Eco Club is so important. This will be sent with the Eco Schools Green Flag application and shared in the assembly on 10th July when Eco Club will celebrate all their achievements this year.

Willow Dome Maintenance

Eco Club have been asked to help to maintain the willow dome by weaving and tying-in the new growth. Click here for more photos.

Eco Schools Green Flag Award

Bosmere was awarded a Green Flag with distinction in May 2022. This month we have just submitted our application to renew our Eco Schools status.