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Eco-school News January 2023


On 10th January, Ali and Calvin from Acorn Workshop delivered our new flora and fauna identification board, funded by Waitrose. Eco Club admired the board, which will be installed in Bosmere's wild meadow later in the month. Click here for more photos.

We were also joined by Mrs Robinson and Kathy Heidstrom from Waitrose. And Eco Club were delighted to welcome our new Eco Governor, Mrs Jenny Lane to her first Eco Club meeting.

Jen in 6R developed her Eco Club secretary duties by keeping a record of our meeting. Well done, Jen!

On 24th January we took part in the RSPB Big Schools' Bird Watch, spotting lots of different birds in the copse and around the school grounds. For more photos click here.

Altogether we identified 9 different species and submitted our results to the RSPB who then summarised our data in a chart:

Then we went to check on the spring bulbs we planted in the Jubilee Orchard last autumn. The daffodils are just starting to emerge around the bases of the apple trees but there is no sign of the crocuses yet, planted in the shape of an 'E' for Elizabeth.



Monitoring single-use plastics in Bosmere's lunch boxes: Every Wild Wednesday lunchtime, Mrs Dunn and Eco Club check lunch boxes, giving out stickers for lunch boxes with small, reusable containers and minimal single-use plastics. All the single-use plastic rubbish from each year group is then weighed and recorded.


So far, Year 6 are streaking away with a clear increase in the number of reusable plastic containers they use in their lunch boxes, although they still use a significant amount of single-use plastics too. Year 3 are also making great progress, with Years 4 and 5 jostling for third place. (See 'Recording Single-Use Plastics in Lunch Boxes' data below.)


Our Energy Monitors have recorded (with a tick or a cross) whether or not the lights and computer monitors have been turned off in classrooms when they check every lunchtime. Since September, the class with the most ticks is 5K, followed by 4S, then 6C. Year 6 is generally better than the other Year Groups. (See 'Monitoring Energy in Classrooms' data below.)

Every member of Eco Club is taking on responsibility to close playground doors when they see them standing open.


Miss Dawes and the Bosmere Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSOs) have created a survey for every Bosmere pupil to complete in a computing lesson, telling us how they currently travel to and from school, and whether they might consider travelling in a more sustainable way - walking, cycling, scooting, etc. - for at least some days when they are coming into school. The results of the survey will be published here once every class has had a chance to complete it. The Survey is downloadable below and here is a snapshot:


Dominique created a super poster to put on the back of the toilet doors, to ask people to save paper because less toilet paper means less water is needed to flush the toilet. Each member of Eco Club had a photocopy of Dominique's poster which they coloured in. on 31st Jan, Eco Club put up 25 posters (one on the door of every toilet cubicle) reminding children to reduce the amount of toilet paper used. (Following on from the announcement in whole school assembly on Mon 30th Jan.) Click here for more photos.



We have a Recycling Station located in the school porch, where there are containers to collect:

Washed milk bottle tops - which we deliver to Waitrose to raise funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital in London

Dental products - empty toothpaste tubes, discarded toothbrushes (manual and electric), teepees, which we take to the Eco Emporium in West Street in Havant

Used pens - which we collect in each classroom, then take them to WHSmith in Havant to be recycled

Postage stamps - which we take to Waitrose to raise funds for the Royal National Institute for the Blind

Used batteries - which we take to recycling points in local supermarkets

Empty BRITA water filter cartridges - which we return to BRITA to be recycled

Clothes and shoes - collected in the clothes bank located near the playground gate in the school car park

As a whole school, we are doing a great job in recycling so many waste products so they don't end up in landfill. (See 'Recording Recycling of Milk Bottle Tops, Pens, Dental Products and Stamps' data below.)

Our second Pre-Loved Uniform, Clothing and Wellies Event was a great success on Tuesday 31st January. Our Eco Club members helped to set up the sale by sorting clothes including uniforms and also wellies. Parents and carers helped themselves to what they wanted and donated over £65 to our school PTA funds. Click here for more photos.