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Eco-school News February 2023

Action Plan Review

As we are now half way through the school year, Eco Club reviewed our Action Plan and found we are making good progress on several targets and have even completed others:

Progressing well: Monitoring Energy, Monitoring Water Use, Working with the JRSOs, Reducing use of toilet paper (and hence toilet water flushing), raising awareness of single-use plastics in lunch boxes.

Completed: RSPB Bird Watch, planting bulbs, checking water meter with Mr Moore.

Planned: Beach Clean

Battery Recycling

We have heard from the Big Battery Hunt that our battery collection bin will not be emptied, so instead we must use individual battery collection boxes at home and take the batteries to a supermarket to be recycled. Every Eco Club member made a Big Battery Hunt box to take home.

Eco Fortune Tellers

Everyone made an Eco-themed Fortune Teller by folding a ready-prepared template, then tried them out on each other.










Archie's Fact File

Archie shared with us his Fact File about White Rhinos.

He is saving his money to help in the conservation of White Rhinos.





On 21st Feb, Miss Dawes and the Bosmere Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSOs) joined the Eco Club meeting to tell us about the results of the Travel Survey: 

  • 248 responses in total.
  • Of these, 30% use sustainable transport all the way to and from school, 29% walk or use ‘Park & Stride’, 3% use public transport, 35% travel by car all the way to and from school, 3% share cars.
  • In response to ‘Would you change to use more sustainable means of transport?’, 23% replied ‘yes’, 38% ‘not sure’, the remainder said ‘No’.
  • Discussing the results, it was agreed Ec Club & JRSOs could do a whole school assembly to promote sustainable travel, to raise awareness, with suggestions (e.g. use Park & Stride if possible, consider car sharing), maybe act out a scenario, use pupils on scooters, bikes and walking. Also to promote Walk to School Week in May (Miss Dawes to check dates) and Road Safety. Message of assembly to be sent home via Parentmail. Mrs Dunn arranged with Mrs Robinson to fix a date for assembly - Mon 20th March. Miss Dawes joined the Eco Club meeting on 28th Feb to plan the assembly.

Coronation Gnome Eco Competition 

Mrs Wright showed Eco Club her Coronation Gnomes and encouraged Eco Club members to suggest ideas to decorate a Coronation Gnome. Eco Club members suggested forget-me-knots, bluebells, a crown, and regal robes.

Here is a photo of the gnome Mrs Wright has already painted.



Eco Club visited the Meadow to see the new identification board which Mr Moore is in the process of installing. Then we visited the Jubilee Orchard to see if the bulbs we planted are growing; the daffodils around the fruit trees are doing well but the crocuses planted within the giant letter 'E' were mown by the lawn mowers and have not survived.


An update from Mr Moore that all the toilets now have new paper dispensers which control the use of paper. Already the cleaners have reported that there has been a reduction in paper use and in toilet blockages. This will be reducing water usage to flush the toilets. Well done to Eco Club for initiating and encouraging this!


Comments by an Ofsted inspector when he visited in February, highlighted the fact that Bosmere has a clear Eco focus. He specifically noted and celebrated the activities of Eco Club. Well done again, Eco Club!