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Eco-school News April 2023


Bosmere has planted 105 new trees in the school grounds to replace the Ash trees which had to be removed because of Ash Dieback Disease. We now have maples, cherry, hawthorn and elms, all chosen because they are fast-growing, disease-resistant, and environmentally friendly (particularly for insects).

... And Recycling

Eco Club enjoyed making recycled flower pots using newspaper wrapped around a plastic cup mould. We filled them with peat-free compost and planted 5 sunflower seeds in each one. The children took them home (in paper bags) to water them and (hopefully) grow sunflowers. Mrs Dunn asked the children to send her photos to put on the website (


Eco Club worked hard on creating a new Eco Code to share with the rest of the school. We reminded ourselves of the focus of our actions this year, Saving water, Saving electricity, Increasing biodiversity, Sustainable travel, Recycling, Reducing plastic waste in lunchboxes. The children suggested different words and voted on to use NATURE as an acrostic poem. Then, working in mixed year group teams, Eco Club created sentences for the Eco Code:

Never leave a tap running or waste water
Always remember to turn off the lights
Try to increase biodiversity by planting and encouraging wildlife
Use sustainable methods to travel to school to help the planet
Reduce, reuse recycle
Everybody can make a change by reducing the plastic in their lunch boxes