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School Clubs

 (free clubs run by Bosmere staff)

No clubs run by staff will take place during the weeks which contain a parents’ consultation evening

















Clubs offered by outside agencies (to be paid for)



24 Hours+ in advance

If a club has to be cancelled 24 hours or more before it takes place, children will be informed and a text message will be sent to parents.

If a Club is cancelled on the day it would normally take place due to inclement weather or staff illness, the following procedure will take place:

A text message will be sent informing you of the cancellation.

  • Children will be told by staff that they can only go home with another adult unless a parent has contacted the office.  If you are happy for your child to walk home independently, you must inform the office.
  • Any children who aren’t collected on time can wait in the conservatory. Parents should be aware that the level of supervision of children waiting in the conservatory will not be the same as that needed by the club but that, nevertheless, teaching staff will be on site during this time 
  • If, for some reason, your child cannot attend their club, or no longer wishes to attend, please inform the office in order for us to remove them from the register 

  • Children are informed of the above arrangements; we would ask parents to reinforce these with their children.