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Key Reminders for September 2021

Update from Mrs Robinson

Key Reminders for September 2021

I hope you have all had a wonderful summer. We are really looking forward to welcoming all pupils back to school next week on Monday 6th September and being able to operate as a whole school for the first time since March 2020! Here are a few key reminders for you about how the school will be operating. I am also attaching our Parent Handbook once more, which gives key reminders in a friendlier format and would be useful to read through with your child before the start of term.


  • Children are no longer required to isolate if another member of their household tests positive or they are a contact of a positive case.
  • Children should not come to school in the following circumstances:
    • If they are unwell with COVID-19 symptoms:
      • High temperature;
      • A new continuous cough – this means coughing a lot, for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours;
      • A loss or change to sense of smell or taste – this means they cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal.
    • If they have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 10 days.
    • If they have recently returned from a country on the Government’s list of countries affected by restrictions on travel and should be undertaking a period of quarantine.

If any of these circumstances apply, please contact the school office to discuss your child’s attendance.

  • If a child displays symptoms in school:
    • School staff will isolate the child from other children and contact parents to collect the child as soon as possible and get them tested.
    • If the test is positive, they must remain in isolation for 10 clear days after symptoms began.
    • If the child tests negative, they can return to school.

Uniform and Equipment

  • On days when they do PE / Games, children will need to come to school wearing their PE kits.
    • Y3 - Monday and Wednesday
    • Y4 - Monday and Thursday
    • Y5 - Tuesday and Friday
    • Y6 - Wednesday and Thursday

NB Children in Y3 and Y4 will need to wear their PE kit on Monday 6th September.

  • There will be high expectations with regards to uniform and PE kit. Children will be expected to wear full school PE kit on both days.

NB Black leggings will no longer be an acceptable part of the school PE kit. The navy blue joggers and school sweatshirts must be worn. In hotter weather children may just wear the PE T-shirt and shorts.

  • Children should bring their water bottle into school each day and take it home for washing at the end of each day.
  • Separate pencil cases with an individual set of equipment will be provided for each child, but they may bring in a small pencil case from home if they wish.
  • Children will need to bring an art shirt into school. This can stay on their peg.



  • Our core teaching day will be returning to 8:50am until 3:30pm.
  • We will return to operating as a whole school, rather than in year group bubbles.
  • We will be having upper and lower school morning breaks (15mins), then whole school lunchtimes (1hr) and whole school afternoon breaks (15mins).
  • Children will still be provided with a personal set of resources, which they will keep in their work place, along with their reading book and water bottle.
  • Children’s trays outside the classroom will be used for storing finished work; exercise books in current use will be on shelves in the classroom.
  • We will still be using the cloakrooms for bags, lunches and coats.
  • Classroom doors and windows will still be opened regularly to increase ventilation.
  • We will be returning to whole school assemblies, but changing to separate upper and lower school assemblies on some days.
  • Lunches will be eaten in the hall; in warm weather packed lunches may be eaten outside.
  • We will return to offering a range of after school clubs each term.


  • An extensive cleaning regime will remain in place.
  • Hand sanitiser stations will remain outside the playground doors, by the main door and in reception.
  • Children will still be expected to wash their hands / use hand sanitiser:
    • On entering school in the morning;
    • Before eating lunch / breaktime snack;
    • On entering the school after learning or outside play;
    • After going to the toilet.
  • Other personal hygiene measures will still be promoted: not touching faces; ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’.

Start of the Day Arrangements

(NB On Monday 6th September, we will be implementing a special later start time of 9:15am for our new Year 3 children, to allow parents to walk them onto the playground. After this day, the whole school arrangements as below will apply.)

  • Drop off time in the morning will be any time between 8:30am and 8:50am – your child may enter school via either gate.
  • Please ensure your child does not arrive and wait at the gates before 8.30am.
  • An adult will be on duty at the main gate to speak to parents and on the playground for supervision. Parents will not be allowed onto the playground in the morning.
  • Children will be supervised on the playground then allowed into school from 8:45am.
  • Gates will be locked at 8:50am.
  • When they enter school, children will hang their belongings on their peg, wash their hands, then enter the classroom, taking their water bottle with them.

End of School Arrangements

  • Playground gates will be unlocked at 3:20pm for parents to enter the playground.
  • Children will come out of school onto the playground at 3:30pm to meet their parents or to leave school independently.
  • An adult will be on duty on the playground.

Transportation to School

  • We strongly recommend pupils walk, scoot or cycle to school.
  • If you have have no alternative but to drive your child to school, we would urge you to use our Park and Stride approach:

 We are very pleased to have been able to secure the following options for this:

  • Bulbeck Road (West Street) Car Park,
  • Prince Georges Street Car Park,
  • East Pallant Car Park,
  • Town End House Car Park (HBC spaces only – not LiveLink Private car park spaces - limited availability)

The above car parks are available FREE to Fairfield and Bosmere parents/carers between the times:

  • 8.20am to 9.05am (for morning school run)
  • 2.50pm to 4pm (for afternoon collection)

This is TERM TIME ONLY and does not apply during school holidays and school closure days.  

You do not need to display anything.

Park and Stride from Tesco, Solent Road will also continue to be available to parents/carers.

Please note the Meridian Centre Car Park is NOT included in the Park and Stride scheme.

  • PLEASE DO NOT ARRANGE TO MEET YOUR CHILD ON THE ROUNDABOUT.  Parking on double yellow or zig-zag lines outside the school (including the bus stop in Park Road South and the turning circle) is illegal. Traffic wardens regularly patrol and issue tickets. BE WARNED!
  • The school car park is for staff only. Parents, please encourage your children to walk on the paths and not through the car park. Parents are only permitted to use the staff car park with permission from the Headteacher.

Contact with the School

  • We will once more be welcoming parents back into school to share in their child’s education – please look out for dates of events in newsletters.
  • We will be retaining the system of allowing parents access to teachers’ email addresses and these will be shared at the start of term.

There will, of course, be a contingency plan in place in the event that local restrictions are imposed, which will involve a return to some the systems we had in place last year. Hopefully this will not have to happen, but we will contact parents immediately should anything need to change.

If you have any concerns regarding any aspect of this guidance, or other matters relating to school, please do contact Mrs Robinson ( or Mr Adam ( – we will be more than happy to offer help and support.

I would like to thank all parents once again for their support over the last couple of years. We are very much looking forward to getting back to being a whole school once more!

Yours sincerely

Kathryn Robinson