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Bosmere Book Amnesty

Please look for Bosmere books at home over the Christmas holidays

At Bosmere we love to read and we try to ensure we have lots of exciting books for children to borrow from school. Unfortunately, these books don't always make their way back to Bosmere. Over time, our class libraries, school library books, and group reading sets get depleted, so we are launching a book amnesty over January. We don't mind how long you have been in possession of a school book; we would just love to have it back. Please look under the bed, behind the sofa, etc. and dig out any books which belong to school. No one will be counting how many you return - we will just be delighted to get them back! And while you are looking, if you have any children's books, in good condition, which your family no longer require, we' would be delighted to offer them a new home. 

Please put any books you bring into Bosmere into the plastic box at the entrance to the school library. 

Many thanks

Mrs R Dunn, School Librarian