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Report from Traffic Officers

Complaint from the Local Authority Parking Services Department

Report from Traffic Officers

Dear Parents

It saddens me greatly to have to report to you that I have today received a complaint from the Local Authority Parking Services Department, who have been supplying Traffic Wardens whenever possible to assist with the ongoing traffic issues on South Street. They have reported to me that when their officers do manage to attend the site to support, they are regularly met with abusive language and rude comments from a very small minority of parents who seem to feel that any parking restrictions do not actually apply to them.

Please could I remind these parents that the Traffic Wardens are simply doing their job and are actually trying to support in keeping the children at Bosmere safe. Any inappropriate behaviour or language from parents sends out the wrong message to our local community about the school. I would also question the example these parents are setting their own children.

I know this is an extremely small minority of parents and want to continue to extend my grateful thanks to the large number of parents who are supporting the school in keeping children safe by using our Park and Stride schemes. I am also very grateful for the many messages of support I receive from parents regarding this difficult situation.

Kind regards

Kathryn Robinson