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Supervision of Younger Siblings

Reminder from Mrs Robinson

Supervision of Younger Siblings

Dear Parents

I am becoming increasingly concerned about the behaviour of some younger siblings at the end of the school day on our school playground, while they are waiting with their parents to collect Bosmere children. Mr Adam and I often arrive on the playground and have to immediately attempt to manage the behaviour of younger children who are engaged in dangerous play or who are in areas of the playground which are off limits; they are clearly not being supervised by their parents. I have now been informed by a Bosmere parent that their child's buggy was almost hit by a stone which had been thrown by a younger child and this is clearly unacceptable.

Please could I remind parents that younger siblings MUST be supervised at all times.
They should not be throwing sticks or stones.
They should not be engaging in rough play with other children.
They should not be playing on the adventure play area or standing on the picnic tables.
They should not be playing behind the bushes where they cannot be seen.

Thank you for your support with this matter. We want our playground to be a safe place for everyone.

Kind regards

Kathryn Robinson