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Parking and Traffic Reminder

Reminder from Mrs Robinson

Parking and Traffic Reminder

Dear Parents

I regularly write to you about traffic issues on the roundabout at the bottom of South Street and in Juniper Square.

I have become increasingly aware once again of parents parking / stopping illegally around the roundabout at the bottom of South Street. This leads to:

  1. Increased risk to pedestrians trying to cross safely to Juniper Square or proceed further up South Street
  2. Heavy traffic leading to vehicles being unable to move up or down the street and local residents trapped on their driveways for extended periods of time
  3. Vehicles parking on the pavement which prevents pedestrians from walking safely around the roundabout
  4. Emergency vehicles potentially unable to access the school building to respond to an emergency (e.g. medical issue or fire)
  5. Motorists with ‘Blue Badges’ for a disability who can park on the double yellow lines but are unable to because the space is taken up by drivers parking illegally

Sadly, I have also been contacted once again by a local resident from Juniper Square to inform me that Bosmere parents are continuing to park across driveways, in front of garages and in the restricted areas on this road. This causes a great deal of distress for the local residents. It is extremely important to me as Headteacher that Bosmere has a positive relationship with all in the local community. We are proud of our school and want to teach our children to respect the needs of others. Please could I therefore ask once again that parents are mindful of this.

We really do appreciate that the location of the school presents challenges for collecting children who live beyond a ‘walkable’ distance, but parking on the roundabout or across driveways in Juniper Square is not the solution. We have always asked parents to park at Tesco, Bulbeck or one of the other local car parks offering free parking to parents at pick up and drop off times, then walk to the school to collect their children. This is primarily for the safety of your children.

The traffic wardens and community police will continue to support us in monitoring the situation on the roundabout, issuing tickets where needed. Please could I once again ask all parents to support us in ensuring we maintain the good name of Bosmere in our local community and that we work together to keep our children safe.

Kind regards

Kathryn Robinson