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Advice on what can and cannot be worn to Bosmere


Since the beginning of term, several children have come to school wearing new Smart-Watches. While we understand that children will be proud and excited about these devices, especially if they were a gift from Christmas, we do have to ensure that they do not create either a safeguarding risk or a significant distraction to their learning. 

Smart-Watches should not be worn to school if they have a:

  • Camera
  • Game(s)
  • Calculator
  • Link to a phone for the purpose of messaging

There are some watches which have more limited functionality e.g. simpler Fit-bits which just record data about the wearer that might be acceptable, but an adult may question a child about the watch and check it to ensure that it is appropriate for school. If your child did recently receive a new watch, can we ask your support in keeping them at home if they have any of the features listed above.

Simple analogue and digital watches remain completely appropriate for school and we would recommend them for helping children to develop their understanding of time.

Thank you