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Squid Game - Parental Awareness

Advice and information

Squid Game - Parental Awareness

Dear Parents/Carers, 

The television series ‘Squid Game’ has been very popular on Netflix but has also been in the media due to the number of school-aged children watching it despite it containing very adult themes. You might be unaware of the content of the show which is certified 15 and depicts sex scenes, nudity, extreme violence, self-harm, suicide and inappropriate language. Obviously this is not appropriate for primary aged children. Several gaming adaptations of the show have also appeared on the Roblox platform; we would advise parents to monitor their children's online gaming to ensure that the content is suitable.  

For more information about the television show please see:

You can control what content your children can watch. Setting up a Netflix Kids experience profile means that children only have access to TV shows and movies which have been carefully selected for kids. The look and feel of the app is simpler and children can’t access any account settings. To manage the types of TV shows and movies that people on your Netflix account can watch, you can create individual profiles with customized maturity ratings. For More information please follow the following link: