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  • e-Safety Tip - Developing Healthy Sleep Patterns

    Published 25/03/24

    This free information guide contains expert advice on helping young people to achieve and maintain a healthy sleeping pattern.

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  • Wellbeing Centre Moved

    Published 06/02/24

    Wellbeing Centre and Safe Haven have moved.

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  • e-Safety Tip - WhatsApp

    Published 05/02/24

    WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging platform on the planet, with over two billion users (forecast to become three billion by 2025), across more than 180 countries. The majority of those people (70%) open the app at least once a day – but what exactly are they seeing? Contact from strangers, fake news and convincing scams are all among the service’s well-documented hazards. 

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  • e-Safety Tip - Sharing Photos Online

    Published 11/12/23

    One of the more heartwarming, life-affirming aspects of social media is being able to share special moments in our children’s lives with family and friends: from the first day at school or blowing out birthday cake candles to smiling holiday selfies and cute Christmas costumes. Is there, however, such a thing as too much sharing – and can it actually put children in danger? 

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  • You First Parenting Insights Programme

    Published 01/12/23

    Details of courses and services available.

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  • Report from Traffic Officers

    Published 22/11/23

    Complaint from the Local Authority Parking Services Department

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  • Future in Mind: workshops to promote Positive Mental Health in 0 to 25 year olds

    Published 16/11/23

    Details of workshops and events

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    Published 14/11/23

    Details on how to register to raise funds for Bosmere

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  • Southern Electrical Recycling - Eco project for November

    Published 06/11/23

    Collecting small electrical items to be recycled

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  • YouTube Kids - e-Safety Tip

    Published 19/10/23

    Do your children access YouTube Kids?

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  • Bosmere's pupils now have access to SORA, an online library

    Published 15/10/23

    Details of how to access eBooks, eComics and eMagazines

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  • Volunteer Opportunities with Homestart in Havant

    Published 01/10/23

    Further details

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