Governing Body Objectives

 Bosmere Junior School

Governing Body Development Plan 2016–2017 - Summary

The School Improvement Plan for the academic year 2016-2017 has the following key objectives:

Key Objective 1: Continue to improve teaching and learning, particularly through the development of personalised learning, so that all groups of pupils achieve well

Key Objective 2: Continue to improve personal development, behaviour and welfare, in particular through the development of behaviour for learning

Key Objective 3: Further improve the leadership and management of the school, in particular ensuring all leaders are involved in the strategic planning process

To support these and improve the governance of the school, the Governing Body has set itself the following development objectives for academic year 2016-2017:

 Objective 1

 Governors are involved in the strategic planning process and use their understanding of the    school’s strengths and weaknesses in their decisions.

     Planned Actions : - 

     a) Hold staff & governors visioning session

 Objective 2

 Governor monitoring visits have a clear link to school improvement priorities.

Planned Actions : - 

a)   Assign Governors Working Party or Committee to monitor school improvement priorities

b)  Refresh Governor subject monitoring to ensure gain value from this process

c)   Governors to attend INSET days / Twilight sessions (Staff training / development sessions)

d)  Conduct Learning Walks

e) Identify and plan specific focus visits for each term

 Objective 3 

 Governing Body meetings focus on strategic priorities, are effectively led and well attended.

    Planned Actions : - 

    a)   Move procedural related items to latter part / end of Full Governing Body meeting agendas

    b)   Include review of School Improvement Priorities in all Full Governing Body meeting agendas

 Objective 4

 New governors are well supported to become effective in their new role & feel part of the team

    Planned Actions : - 

     a)  Appoint mentor to new governor at their 1st meeting

b)  Mentor to contact new Governor after each Full Governing Body meeting to discuss points raised

c)  Chair & Mentor to meet with new Governor after approx 3 months to discuss opportunities for     specific role / responsibility

    d)  When there are new governors, consider longer break in FGB meetings for discussions

 Objective 5

 Governing Body vacancies are filled promptly and there is a plan for any Governor’s end of term

   Planned Actions : - 

    a)  Promote paarent vacancies through new parents meeting, parents evenings, letters to parents, etc.

    b)  Termly review by Full Governing Body of governor terms coming to an end


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